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January 7 - 18, 2023


JAN 7th   Arrive Phuket, Thailand (1N)

JAN 8th - 10th  cultural exchange in Baan Talae Nok (2N/3D)

JAN 10th   overnight in Kuraburi (1N)

JAN 11th -13th  Moken Village on Ko Surin Island (2N/3D)

JAN 13th - 18th  Khao Sok Park + floating bungalows (5N/6D)

JAN 18th  Shuttle back to Phuket, Depart

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We begin our first night in Phuket. Once you arrive at the airport your shuttle will be waiting to take you to the hotel for your first night's stay. It is here we will have time to meet and greet, rest, and get prepared for the morning.


Baan Talae Nok - Homestays

Immerse in the local culture at the Muslim village of Ban Talae Nok on the North AndamanCoast. This community is a quaint and relaxed atmosphere and is one of my favorite visits. The ladies in the village love to cook for you as you will experience Thai food at its finest and witness their beautiful families work so well together. Bucket showers and local barbeque dinner on the beach from the fresh catch of the day.  We will explore nature with a trip to the undeveloped Gam Islands or a mangrove tour in the forest surrounding the village.


Surin Islands / Moken Village / Speed boat taxi

Take a unique private tour of Koh Surin with the original Moken inhabitants of this tropical paradise. Explore the village and learn the intricate relationship between the Moken and their surrounding environment. Bask in the natural beauty of the Surin Islands while you immerse in Moken Life and snorkel the crystal waters of the Andaman. This is a camping experience right on the beautiful coast of the Surin Islands. Our unique time with the Moken guide will take us  Snorkeling to see an underwater wonderland of colorful tropical fish on the reef.

Floating Huts / Khao Sok National Park

Our last remaining days will be floating on the crystal clear and clean lake in the middle of nowhere in the jungle, with floating huts, and more delicious Thai food freshly made for us.The sanctuary offers sensational lake and cliff vistas, primary rainforest, and extraordinary wildlife.Hornbills, Gibbons, Elephants, Monkeys and so much more. We will have plenty of time in the afternoons to soak up the sun, swim, and kayak There is even shopping in this magical floating village from local, handcrafted items like jewelry ( I still wear my necklace from 2011), clothing, soaps, and other specialized novelties, So bring cashThis is where we will meet up with David Roma and his group for Thai & Osteothai Training.