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" Thank you so very much for imparting to us the fundamentals of Thai Yoga massage in such a graceful and beautiful manner.  It was truly inspirational -- I was just blown away by the whole experience.  Although I had been the recipient of TYM a few times (and loved it, of course!), I've been eager to begin to learn how to give TYM and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor.  I'm sure my fellow classmates would agree -- they were a lovely bunch and I enjoyed meeting everyone. "

- CM

" Kelly's Thai massage is an amazing blend of powerful bodywork, creative movement, and a gifted healer's empathic intuition. An extremely valuable methodology for anyone interested in acquiring deeper insight into the vast complexity of body, mind, and spirit, this work has the innate ability to transform lives. Having practiced bodywork for over 23 years, I would highly recommend Thai yoga massage as therapy, and a tool for current bodyworkers to develop a more integrated sense of body/mind dynamics  for themselves and their clients."

- Philip Clift


" What an exhilarating, energizing, and educational day of Thai Yoga Massage, shared with a wonderful group of women!! It was an honor to be taught by you Kelly, you are a fabulous instructor. I cant begin to say how EXCITED I am to have learned this amazing art of massage!!! And what a blessing it was to have met ALL of you ladies!! Thank you Kelly & DragonflyThai Yoga Massage "


" She continues to remind students, "it's not just about technique", but about the underlying knowledge of Thai philosophy embraced as a practitioner. Observing ones dysfunction, utilizing the body as its own laboratory for understanding and applying foundation principals when practicing Thai massage. "

- JP


" Thank you, again for sharing your passion with us this weekend.  You are a born teacher.  You are also very gifted for this modality.  It is beautiful to watch you move from one position to another and I am grateful for your patience for the "bulls in a china shop", like me.  It was a very gratifying, hopeful and humbling experience.  I am very, very grateful to have found this early in my career transition.  I hope and pray that you find ways to continue to travel to Thailand to learn, grow and connect and ultimately share.  The space you provide is very peaceful and nurturing.  You seem to truly embody towards the things you are striving for in your personal growth and journey.  I will happily recommend you for others to begin and learn this journey from you.  I look forward to meeting again!  I must apologize that I do not have any suggestions for your improvement...   When a person is truly passionate, communicates well and is patient for others to begin this journey are truly the ingredients needed and appreciated.  Namaste!!! "  

- Kim Bizub

" Spreading the good word that this weekend, I learned about Thai Yoga massage in the most peaceful way possible with love and support. I am a full time yoga teacher and I love reaching out and helping people with their bodies. I chose to investigate Thai massage as an extension of my yoga teaching and have been reinvigorated!!

I am impressed with Dragonfly Thai Yoga Studio and the way that Thai Yoga Massage was transmitted to me with confidence and grace. My own body feels more complete and nurtured and was in need of support. I am so glad that this resource is available and so close to home! It is a beautiful space and Kelly is a beautiful soul.
Love and peace to all that support the supporters of others!! 

- Leslie Wagner, Leslie Wagner Yoga


" Professional, knowledgeable, personal, observant, & down to earth comes to mind when describing Kelly's teaching and training. "  

- NC

" Her demonstration of Thai massage is without a doubt, graceful and artful as she weaves through the body naturally. "

- AS

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