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Kelly's attraction to Thai Yoga Massage was immediate. Within a couple months of receiving her first Thai Yoga Massage, she set off on an international journey to immerse herself in the Thai healing arts. 


Her unique approach to Thai Yoga Massage infuses a variety of styles that were inspired by her studies at the Costa Rica School of Massage therapy and the Integral Touch Institute in Thailand and Indonesia. In 2016 she found a new approach that could bridge the two worlds of Eastern and Western modalities with Osteopathy techniques and Thai yoga. In 2019 she entered a Masters Osteothai course with David Lutt and Jorg Schurpf to further strengthen this unique approach.

Kelly shares her passion for this practice in a holistic, culturally rich, and playful way. She has a private practice in Knoxville, TN specializing in Thai Yoga and Osteo Thai.

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