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Visiting Thailand had been on my bucket list since I fell in love with Thai food in high school. I knew one day I’d go but it seemed so far out of reach and honestly difficult/scary to attempt to navigate on my own. When Kelly told me about this trip during one of her amazing Thai massage sessions I was immediately interested. Everything that had previously pushed a trip to Thailand farther and farther away was now eliminated. Kelly knew Thailand, she goes every year, she has relationships there, and her soul is so kind and positive - I wanted to meet the people she knew over there. 


From Phuket to Ban Talae Nok to Surin Islands to Kurabari to Chiang Mai to Earth Home to Om Waters - it was truly the trip of my lifetime! We met, saw, experienced, and tasted (!!) things that I never would have dreamed of. Every location was mind-blowingly beautiful - so much so that I often felt like I was living in a Planet Earth episode.


This trip simply does not have words in the English language that could describe how amazing, inspiring and magical it was. I’m now a firm believer that Thai people are some of the happiest in the world and we could all learn a little from them to better our own lives. 

Throughout our trip, most of our transportation was by van (a very fancy and comfortable one), boat (very fun and many different types), and plane (normal but unique when you’re in a different country when you don’t speak the language), I loved the variety.

I was most excited about truly disconnecting from the world and I did just that. I used my phone just for pictures and really was able to focus on relationships and myself, it was beautiful. If you're the type of person that goes on a trip and just wants to lay on the beach all day every day or glue yourself to tv then this isn’t for you. In order to enjoy this trip as much as I did you need to be open-minded, willing to go with the flow at every turn, and simply want to try and experience new things. Be curious and open and you’ll find fulfillment in exploring the beautiful cultures in Thailand.





" I enjoyed a fabulously well planned trip with a focused, graceful guide; Kelly’s easy structure and encouragement to flexibly explore, made for a trip that furthered me on my path, pushed me gently on my trajectory to pursue it, with greater intention. Kelly exposes her companions to paths for evolvement on the self/soul journey, in a beautiful country within which, she has rich and vast connection. Traveling within and amongst a group oriented culture is vastly different from the individualistic culture of the US. My soul resonated with the opportunity to immerse in such opposite culture, in every southern and northern village, in large and small cities, and on the Kho Surin Island in the Andaman with the ancient Moken Tribe. We lived, ate, slept, harvested, fished, cooked, planted, created, bartered, played, communicated, and made friends with the Thai and many others of varying worldwide origin. I lived and grew, above and beyond what I had once known. Traveling with a guide, one who experientially understands the culture, is essential for a full on take away. Kelly goes far beyond in demonstrating throughout her guided immersion, that the give away, is the balm. What we let go of, in travel, to lands unknown, this is part of the gift. "



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