What is the Thai Practitioner Certification?

The Thai Certification is an immersion in the art form of Thai history, principals and bodywork.  The program is a comprehensive, insightful study, and application of a specialized, historic and spiritual approach to bodywork. 

This program is self paced that allows one time to absorb and practice by contemplation, and application.

If one feels the calling to know more about Thai Yoga/Massage, This is a program developed for you, that will address the entire human being, and human experiences. 

The Thai Practitioner Certification is a community of others on a path to make the world a better place, to ease the pain and suffering of others, including self. 

This program is inspiring, innovative, creative, and never the same.  It is an evolving change, as we in the world are changing. 

The Thai Practitioner Certification gives life more meaning and purpose, as we delve deeper in the principals of body, soul and spirit. 

Welcome all holy beings! 




Practitioner Certification is professional development. It is an advanced study and application of Thai Yoga Massage modality and an opportunity to delve deeper in the art form and culture of Thai Yoga Massage. You can gain experience in a unique modality that adds tools and resources to your practice and open doors of possibilities for creativity and fluidity of bodywork.


A practitioner must demonstrate mastery of core skills and knowledge related to the profession. This program is over 180 hours of training and mentoring that involves a comprehensive study of the course objectives. You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon satisfactory completion of requirements.


  • Observe Theory and History of Thai Massage

  • Learn a Full Body Thai Yoga Sequence

  • Sample of Meditation

  • Introduction to Energy Lines (Sen)

  • Yoga Elements

  • Proper Body Mechanics

  • Acupressure

  • Techniques Utilizing Knees and Feet

  • Techniques Utilizing Motion, Momentum and Rhythm

  • Learn Safe Stretching Techniques

  • Learn Support Poses for Your Clients

Course includes live demonstration and hands on instruction as well as a printed instruction guide and manual. You will receive a Certification of Completion with 100% participation of each module.



  • Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage

  • Side Lying, Herbal Compression Technique

  • Abdominal Massage, Thai Techniques, Level 1

  • Thai Massage for Low Back Pain

  • Thai Massage for Head, Neck and Shoulders

  • Thai Massage – Using Your Feet

  • Thai Yoga on the Table

  • Thai Herbal Compression

  • Supine, Seated and Sen Lines

  • Prone, Inverted and Sen Lines


  • required reading material - history and theory of  Thai Yoga Massage

  • 20 hrs minimum - basic knowledge in anatomy   and physiology

  • 90 hrs - (completion of 6 course: Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage + 5 other courses from curriculum list)

  • 90 min - Thai session from Kelly

  • 15 documented practice sessions per module with feedback forms

  • 90 min - Thai session demonstration to Kelly

  • maintain a journal throughout training process

  • develop self-care program

open to everyone

no prior yoga or massage experience is necessary

but you must be comfortable working on the floor on a mat