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Bolsters,Balls and Movement – Self Care for Therapist

Bolsters,Balls and Movement – Self Care for Therapist



  • Course Description

    For years I have taught Thai massage courses and commonly the students bring up the subject of me offering a self-care regimen to build strength, and stamina and take care of the common aches and pains we experience as therapists.  I’ve suffered from back and neck pain like anyone else, yet I have been able to achieve positive results by utilizing a routine with bolsters and therapeutic balls as well as working to strengthen my core via exercises, which has added assurances and longevity to my massage career.  It is my intention to share the tools, the approach, and an explanation of the anatomical reasoning behind each. My further intention is this self-care informative program will become the therapist’s lifestyle as it has become my embrace.

    1 Therapeutic Yamuna Ball included with your registration.


    Date and Location:

    March 22, 2024

    6 NCBTMB CE's

    10 am- 4 pm

    711 Irwin Street, 

    Knoxville, TN 37917

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