Kelly Scott is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), as a continuing education Approved Provider #451957-12. 

Welcome to my classroom…

My study abroad has been awakening, to say the least. Unfolding my own truth yielded a place of compassion for me, a softening and appreciation for all beings.


I’ve sat with ladies in small villages of Thailand who were affected by the Tsunami and lost many loved ones in the village.  The ladies worked hard to contribute rebuilding of their homes by making soaps, batiks and thatch roofing.  They kindly hosted, fed us, and taught us the ways of their culture.  Working alongside these women has had a lifelong positive effect on me. They had a peaceful energy, content to serve, work, love, and be with their loved ones at the edge of the Andaman Sea. The witness and unspoken truths was deeply profound.


This experience cannot be obtained with a DVD or online classroom. This classroom goes way beyond the walls and institutionalized learning that we are familiar with.  But rather leaving ones comfort zones, breaking the barrier of the familiar and being completely open to the unknown.  

While I know everyone isn’t going to travel to Thailand for their continued education. It is my privilege to bring these experiences to you.


My inspiration and love for the Thai culture continues as my understanding in Thai philosophy, culture and theory deepens. This all comes together in my classroom setting, along with the techniques and sequencing. 


We will observe the peaceful nature and acceptance through the technique.  We will find the body through the pose while we learn the rhythmic, gently rocking and acupressure utilizing our hands, palms, feet, knees, body weight and momentum. It will begin to feel more like a dance or meditation once you learn and are comfortable with the newly found inspiring form of bodywork. 

Cancellation Policy

Each workshop has a minimum of 6 students required 

It is greatly appreciated for early enrollment, which is why I offer you an early bird discount for making a commitment to participate in the workshop.


Dragonfly Thai yoga reserves the right to cancel scheduled workshops if minimum enrollment requirement is not met. 


A $50 deposit is required to guarantee you a space on the mat.


A full refund is specified:


  • Cancelled workshop due to minimum enrollment requirements are not met

  • Sickness

  • Death in immediate family

  • Travel delays due to weather 


Any other circumstances should be discussed.


Please feel free to contact me if you have other circumstances not mentioned.